About Contemporary artisanry

My name is Gabriel E. Guzman, and although my formal training is in the sciences (Ph.D. in Infectious Disease Control, and my profession is as a microbiologist), I have always embraced a full spectrum of the arts; so, the creation of my jewelry seems to be a very natural extension.  I have been fortunate to have lived in five different countries on three different continents, and always so inspired by the beauty that these cultures embrace.  My work is first mindful and respectful of the symbolism of these cultures.

In Contemporary Artisanry I constantly take advantage of modern design techniques that result in jewelry that is almost impossible to achieve by traditional methods, to produce digitally handcrafted jewelry in precious, semi-precious metals and steel. In my digitally handcrafted work, you will see designs that combine beautiful, and fluid lines, with more traditional motifs.  My body of work also pays homage to the main cultural influences in my designs: the Asante People from Ghana in West Africa, through a collection of Adinkra Symbols; the Celtic, Norse (Viking), and Mayan cultures, represented in various pieces reminiscent of the ancient, but revived into the modern.

As a designer who experiments with different media, I prototype my designs in my home studio, before casting them into precious or semi-precious metals.  While the concept of non-industrial 3D printing is relatively new, and is now applied to design of jewelry, good exquisite design and quality work is timeless.  I blend computer-generated designs with the manipulation of ageless beautiful metals in each one of my creations.

As I continue to explore the possibilities of digital handcrafting (3D printing) in metals such as steel, brass, bronze, and sterling silver, I have also included a new line of jewelry based on generative design to create intricate patterns impossible to sculpt in wax.  Generative design allows for the creation of pieces that begin as simple shapes that evolve in a perfect marriage of art, and mathematics resulting in a perfect statement piece born of precious metals.

My body of work could not be complete without a line of handmade jewelry in copper and sterling silver using time honored metalsmithing techniques.  From the serious to the whimsical, the handmade line includes creations in torched copper, a collection that I call "Copper on Fire", where I treat copper with fire to produce unpredictable designs on the metal for a unique look.  Even as a pair, earrings from this collection will be similar but never identical.  In my handmade work you will also find copper, bronze, and sterling silver with beautiful patinas and enameling.

My love for both, metalsmithing and digital design now allows me to combine the modern with the old; contemporary artisanry, digitally conceived jewelry with the richness and uniqueness of handcrafted finishing.